Thursday, July 14, 2005

Back To The Story...

Ok, so first off, my co-worker Michelle tells me that for the past few weeks, that she sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night to the sound of breathing. It usually scares the crap out of her, but when she rolls over to see what or who is there, there's nothing. She told me that the person who used to live next to them died resently, so Michelle and her roommate always joked that anything wierd at their house was due to that person's ghost. Any strange noises, or things moved or missing. So she tells me that last night after a closing shift and getting home around Midnight or so, she said hi to her roommate, who was lying on her bed talking on the phone to her boyfriend. Not long after that, she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth when her roommate screams. Now she didn't mean "there's a spider in the room" scream, but a blood curdling scream. Michelle said it was so unexpected and scary that she just froze. Then her roommate starts screaming her name and she runs into the hall and bursts in through the door to see a figure at the window! [At this point I'm thinking it's the ghost, and how amazing that is.]

But it wasn' t the old woman's ghost, it was the silhouette of some guy outside the window! Her roommate is still screaming, and Michelle is in shock again, but rather then run away, the guy slowly lowers himself out of sight as though if he moves slow enough, they wouldn't see him. Then Michelle calls the cops. When the cop shows up, he opens the screen door to knock, and this gets both ladies screaming again. Once calmer, they explain what they saw, and about the noises they had heard over the past weeks. The cop checks outside where the guy had been, and there were footprints all underneath both of their windows, handprints on the windows, and a nose print from when he was lowering himself down after being seen. [As she's telling the story, I get major goosebumps and feel all chilled. All the times I house sat by myself for people, this was always my worst nightmare.] She said that after the cop told them what he saw, and that there didn't seem to be anyone around anymore, and left, Michelle went out with a flashlight to see for herself the footprints and whatnot. She didn't mention any bodily fluids visible, but I didn't ask either. She said she didn't get to sleep until the sun came up, even though she saw a patrol car drive by at least once an hour. Her dad was suposed to have put up motion detectors and lights today, but she said she'd probably sleep on the couch, if she can sleep at all.

She also said that a week or 2 ago, her roommate had left her purse on the table then gone to the bathroom, when she came out, the purse was gone, the front door was open a little, and the screen door was wide open. And Michelle also said that resently, she had been sitting with her back to their living room window where the blinds were up a foot to let some night air in, when she heard the door handle jiggle. She got up and flipped on the light and saw movement around the edge of the house. Freaky, freaky. I asked her if she had a bat or knives or anything, and that it is leagal to kill someone if they break into your house, self defense and all that. She said that oh yes, she has a shot gun, and multiple knives around the house. I hope they catch the sicko before he hurts anyone. And I hope it's not our former co-worker Tom, who was obsessed with her for a long time.

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