Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jenny's Wish List

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Art Stuff:
Liquitex paints, any color.
Pre-stretched canvases, 16x20 or larger.
Gloss medium, Liquitex preferrably, lots of it.
Fun yarn of any color or texture.
Ribbons and cords.
Cute buttons and larger beads.

Small Favor by: Jim Butcher
Lords of the North by: Bernard Cornwell
Celtika & The Iron Grail by: Robert Holdstock
Four Queens by: Nancy Goldstone
Camber of Culdi by: Katherine Kurtz
Metal Clay and Mixed Media Jewelry by: Sherri Haab (isbn: 0-8230-3062-8)
Altered Art: Techniques for Creating Altered Books, Boxes, Cards and More by: Terry Taylor
1434; The Year A magnificent Chinese Fleet Sailed to Italy & Ignited the Renaissance by: Gavin Menzies
Orphans of Chaos (book 1 of the Chronicles of Chaos series) by: John C. Wright (I liked the cover of the 3rd book when I checked it in at the library, otherwise, I have no idea what the book is actually about, but I might like it.)

Hot Chip - "The Warning"
the original soundtrack to The Nightmare Before Christmas
Muppets Christmas Carol soundtrack
Autokratz - "Animal"
Birds of Tokyo - "Universes"
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - "It's Blitz!"
Silver Sun Pickups - "Swoon"

(to be edited later)

City of Lost Children
Despicable Me
Freaky Links (season 1) (Not yet available, but I would love it when it is!)
Harts War
Millennium (seasons 1+)
Minority Report
Others (season 1) (Not released to DVD yet.)
Polergeist the Legacy (seasons 2-4)
The Rundown

Video Games:
I lost my Disc 1 of Dungeon Siege 2, which is the play disc. Now I have to replace the whole thing. :(

Miscellaneous / Other Stuff:
I like pottery, especially if it has blue on it. Maybe a mug or something?
Lightsaber chopsticks!
R2-BBQ! (Completely impractical, but too cool!)

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