Monday, December 11, 2006

Christmas is Coming....

Holiday work at Borders starts this week on Wednesday, so it's going to be Go! Go! Go! for the next couple of weeks on up to Christmas. No time to think, and barely time to sleep, but we'll have some extra money out of the deal, and time spent with our friends (even if it will be at work).

We just signed a new lease on Saturday, although we still haven't got a garage out of them yet. But they're finally going through all their records and cleaning house and apparently there were a lot of folks (like us) who had let their lease run out and have just been coasting along. We thought our's was up in October, but it turns out we only signed a 6 month lease.... Regardless, if we didn't sign a new lease, we had to go to month-to-month, which was an additional $50.00 a month. Plus, they're raising everyone's rent by $15.oo. Not surprisingly, we're getting out of here when our 6 months is up, and we're looking for a house. No more apartment living for us!

We haven't done much in the way of Christmas shopping yet, even though we swore we were going to be all organized this year and get all of this out of the way well ahead of time. Maybe next year....

I got a Christmas bonus from work this year, which was a nice surprise, and I'm very close to paying off the IRS the rest of the money we owe them, so I suppose things are (relatively) looking up financially.

The New Years is fast approaching, and while I've never put much stock in New Year's Resolutions, there's plenty of stuff on our Big List of Things to do Next Year. One of these Things is to start blogging more, both to keep this updated and to get back in the habit of writing regularly. So (like I've said many a time before), hopefully there won't be quite the gaps between posts. :)

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