Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quick-ish Update

I guess things are pretty much going allright, all things considered.

I'm still unemployed. I am looking for a job, but I really want to find something good, not just "a job". And I'm definitely enjoying my time off....

Jenny's enjoying her library job, and is going to start a second, temporary, part time job next week at Eric's (her best friend Jenni's husband) law firm. It's a temp data entry job, which may last a month, maybe two, basically however long it takes to get the job done. And she can pretty much make her own schedule, which is always nice.

So, with her job(s) we've got some decent income for the time being. And I've got some time to look for a job without the "I Have To Find A Job Now!" shadow hanging over my head.

We of course waited till the last minute (again) to file our taxes. We decided to file online to speed up our refund, and in the hopes of it being "easier". Yeah, right... I think it was about 6 hours, from start to finish, of hair-pulling-out frustration, and then I had to resubmit it the next day when the IRS rejected it due to one of the numbers being off. Hopefully they won't ding us with any late fees or service charges.

Oh, and on top of that, all of the cartridges on our monster of a printer decided to give out at once, right when we were trying to print out the tax forms we needed. Then the printer kept saying that one of the new cartidges was empty! So, had to figure out how to override it and make it accept the cartridge - now it works, but it still thinks the blue ink is dead and all the lights keep flashing....

The Emerald City Comic-Con in Seattle is coming up next month and we're planning on going to that, and hopefully taking a few extra days over there to wander around and see people in addition to spending time at the Con. Should be fun.

Oh, and winter refuses to give up the ghost around here. It keeps warming up to throw us off, and then it'll snow (like it did this morning, while the sun was still shining). Looks gorgeous outside right now, but you can't rely on it staying that way....

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