Monday, July 14, 2008

All Clear

Well, the evacuation order has been lifted, and residents are being allowed to return to their homes, so apparently the fire is all but over. They've even determined the cause - a backyard fire pit that "got away" from the residents due to the high winds. Officials haven't released any names of those responsible, and haven't addressed whether charges are going to be pressed. At this point, fire fighting costs have topped $300,000, and I don't believe that takes into account the damage to homes in the area....

I woke up Sunday morning feeling like I was starting to get sick, so I decided to stay home and rest while Jenny headed over to her folk's place and work on rocks. Her parents and sister have all been sick recently, so it's not really much of a surprise, but still annoying. I felt even worse today and spent most of the day in bed; I'm afraid it might be the flu. Hopefully I can shake it relatively quickly, since I've got plenty of things I should be working on (commissions, job hunting, computer stuff as well as plenty of personal art and writing projects), and this bug certainly isn't helping. :)

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