Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fiesta & Fireworks

I hope everybody had a fun and safe 4th of July weekend! We went over to Jenny's folk's place and watched everyone in their neighborhood shoot off fireworks around their house. Fireworks are illegal in Spokane county, and while we probably would have seen some around our apartment anyway, it was far more convenient to watch them across the border. Jenny actually had the 4th off from both jobs, so that was really nice. Pretty sure she gets holiday pay at the lawfirm as well!

Saturday our friends Lucky and Erin were in town to visit, and Erin had set up a surprise Mexican themed "fiesta" birthday party for Lucky, who had turned 30 a few days previous. He kinda figured she was planning something, but he hadn't realized how many people were in on it until they all showed up. So we were back over to CdA Saturday evening for the party, which was, of course, a blast.

Tigger just got a new Prius, thanks to her parents, so she could actually afford to drive over to Seattle for the 4th to watch the fireworks and see family. And while she, Lincoln and his kids headed over there on Friday, we were checking in on her house and looking after the animals. Getting all the way up to her house on Friday night was especially annoying, as we left CdA just before midnight - apparently at the exact same time as everyone else... it was just a mess getting on the highway, and bumper to bumper pretty much into Post Falls. Luckily, Saturday night was back to normal.

Sunday was spent relaxing, sleeping in and generally recovering from the rest of the weekend. Then I spent the last two days cleaning the apartment from top to bottom (and it needed it). The FJ-Cruiser went into the Toyota place for it's 15,000 mile tune-up yesterday. It was actually over 19,000 miles by the time it went in, but oh well....

Also, very happy belated birthday wishes to my nephew Kevin (Tuesday) and Akiane (Wednesday)!

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