Saturday, November 01, 2008


Halloween was, not surprisingly, very low-key. Tigger took Christopher and one of his friends out trick-or-treating, and when they got back we (her, Lincoln, Jenny & I) watched Dracula, since Jenny hadn't seen it yet. Ate some pizza; got some early Christmas presents (thanks, guys!); were home around mid-night.

I've got plenty on my plate for November that I want to get done - some projects to get back on schedule and finish, some projects I need to get started. My NaNoWriMo novel is in there, of course - and Jenny is going to be continuing work on her NaNo novel from last year.

Also need to find a job (or, y'know, rob a bank - whichever is easier). The library branch Jenny used to work for is hiring for a page again, so I'm going to try for that. It'd be part-time, and I actually know my way around that branch somewhat, from hanging out there. Plus I'd get to work with her ex-coworkers, who were all pretty cool, and maybe even work with her once in a while if she had to fill in over there. :)

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