Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Whoever you are, whoever you vote for, just get out there and do your part if you haven't already. And remember, it's not just the Presidential race - there's plenty of other important jobs up for grabs and initiatives on your local ballots to be aware of.

We cast our votes today. I also turned in my application for the library job. It closes on Friday, so hopefully I'll hear from them soon after.

Head was still hurting too much to do anything creative, so I cleaned the apartment instead - it certainly needed it. I think I'm feeling a tiny bit better, although Jenny might be getting the same thing now. Yay. But I figure a clean apartment, clean dishes and clean laundry is always a good step towards getting healthy.

Tomorrow may involve writing and drawing, if I'm up for it. Or maybe just sleeping. Got to stay up late for election coverage and watch the results come in....

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