Monday, December 15, 2008

Sunday Sketches + Spokane Artists

Well, technically it's Monday morning, but I'm still awake and have just gotten around to scanning and posting this....

Not a lot in the ol' sketchbook this week. But I actually have been drawing other stuff - just nothing I can post right now (ooh, sneaky!). Relatively soon, though.

Otherwise, when I wasn't drawing, I've been (still) jobhunting, helping my friend Tigger with her heavy lifting project, and running around attempting to Christmas shop with virtually no money. Fun.

After the 24 Hour Comic Book Day event, the owner of the local hosting site (Merlyns) wanted to help local artists get together on a more regular basis. So, today we had the second meeting of the new, un-named, Spokane artists group. It's mostly just a way for like-minded individuals to get together and talk about art and creating comics, although we've also got some ideas for some semi-organized things to do as a group. More will probably get done after the first of the year, when the holidays are over and the associated craziness has died down.

For anyone in the area who might be interested, monthly meetings are on Sundays from 3-6 and the next scheduled meeting is January 18. For more info you can also contact Rachel through the Merlyns website or Levi Skeen.

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