Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Neighborhood Watch

I was woke up the other day by someone stomping up the stairs towards our apartment, and my automatic first thought was that it must be the maintenance people and they were about to start hammering on our door for some reason.... however, it was actually our new neighbors moving in!

Apparently they finally found someone to fill that unit after it being empty for the last few months. I went out to check the mail while they were unloading their moving van and introduced myself. They told me their names, but I honestly forgot them as soon as I was back inside (I'm really horrible with names...). I mainly just wanted to let them know that yes, there was someone living next door, and help them put a face to it. Maybe they'll be less likely to be excessively loud and obnoxious if we atleast attempt to be friendly towards them. Guess we'll see.

Well, they probably can't be any worse than our last neighbors. I hope....

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