Sunday, May 03, 2009

Wolverine Sketches

To try to make it fair for the kids receiving sketches on Free Comic Book Day, we decided beforehand to have a standardized size and use 6" x 6" bristol pages for all of them. So, as practice I've been doing warm-ups in my sketchbook for the past week or so at the same size and trying to speed up my drawing while keeping things simple.

Here's a few Wolverines, all done in about 10 minutes each or so, with blue pencil and Sharpies. I only ended up drawing one Wolverine on FCBD. But honestly, before this, I really hated drawing him (which should be apparent from the awkwardness of a couple of the sketches). So at least I got some practice.

It's good practice, and I'll probably try to keep at it, as well as scan some more of the warm-ups later....

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