Thursday, July 16, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Yesterday was the 2 year wedding anniversary for Jenny and I, and also marked 6 years since we started dating! Jenny took the day off from work and we slept in for most of the morning.

We'd originally planned on going out for dinner, walking around downtown and seeing the new Harry Potter, but it was back to being stupidly hot again, and neither of us really wanted to go outside. So we cranked up the A/C, cooked a nice big dinner and watched a movie we hadn't seen yet. Not too exciting, but much cooler, more relaxing, and a lot cheaper than going out...

The movie we watched was Defiance, which I'd highly recommend. Set during World War II, it's based on a fascinating true story about Jewish brothers who end up becoming resistance fighters. They protect other Jews from the Nazis and build a secret community for refugees in the forest.

This Sunday is the monthly meeting of the Spokane Comicsmiths Guild, 3pm at Merlyns. Friday the 31st is the next Crafty Club, which Jenny organizes through the Spokane County Library. Any locals who are interested in either group, please leave a comment and we can provide more information!

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