Friday, September 11, 2009

Comicsmiths at the Spokane Street Fair!

I've mentioned in other blogs about our local artist/writer group, which we've named the Spokane Comicsmiths' Guild. We now have a blog set up for the guild, as well as a deviantArt page and Facebook group, so everyone can keep up with what's happening with the group and it's members. They're new, and very much works-in-progress, but it's a start, as we had several people asking if we had a website for the group at our last event. Here's the sites:

Comicsmiths' Guild

deviantArt Page

Facebook Group

Members of the Comicsmiths' Guild will be at Merlyns tomorrow (Saturday the 12th) after 3pm as part of the Sustainable September Main Street Fair!

We'll be drawing free sketches for kids between 4-6 and taking sketch commissions for others. There should also be a variety of prints and original artwork for sale as well. If you're a Spokane local, swing by and say Hi, meet the Guild and pick up some art!

In addition to the Guild, Merlyns will also be host to local members of the 501st Legion from 2-4pm. Get photos of yourself with stormtroopers and more of the Galactic Empire's finest!

The Street Fair will also feature live music, entertainment, sustainabilty info, kids activities, bike tune-ups, food and fun! In the street - 0 block of West Main, 3-8pm.

Also, I'm still sick, or maybe sick again, I'm not sure. I had what I think was a sinus infection about a month ago, before I got my wisdom teeth out. I think I shook that, but now I've got some cold-type thing. I've been a wreck the past couple of days, sleeping for 1/2 the day, wiped out with no energy, head stuffy, runny nose and sneezing, and my throat's been really rough and scratchy. Fun.

So it's been a lot of rest and juice and soup, and not much getting the things done that I need/want to do. The sooner I'm over this the better....

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