Sunday, December 20, 2009

Week in Review

I haven't been keeping up with the ol' blog recently, so here's a few highlights to catch up for the week....

Monday - I spent the day hanging out with my buddies Levi and Jay, working on our super-secret comic book project. Much work was accomplished.

Tuesday - Jenny and I had a great time at the company Christmas party thrown by the law firm she works for. Delicious (catered) food, good company and we ended up at the Post Street Ale House for drinks afterward.

Wednesday - We were planning to go to the movies with some friends, but that fell through and we just went out to eat and did some shopping.

Thursday - I happened to catch a great holiday deal that Dreamhost was running, and set up a web hosting account with them (regularly $120/yr) for less than 10 bucks. I was already planning on setting up a website and a place to host some webcomics, so that will work out well... For now I've moved my personal blog/site over and registered a new domain name, which is here:

Friday - Jenny's Library Crafty Club had their monthly meeting. This time it was a fun white elephant gift exchange, with some great Italian food.

Saturday - We rescheduled our movie night, and went to a local indie theatre (The Magic Lantern) to see Boondock Saints 2 (which was, of course, awesome) and then went out to dinner afterward with some friends.

Sunday - Today was our monthly Comicsmiths' Guild meeting, which this time was a chili feed at Jay's house. Good turnout, great food and a whole lot of fun!

All together, this has been a pretty great week! I didn't get anywhere near the amount of work done as I was hoping to, but we did have some fun times with friends and were still somewhat productive. We've still got some last minute Christmas shopping left to do, so that's on the immediate agenda for the start of this coming week. Hopefully everybody out there is having a great holiday season and is staying relatively stress free.

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