Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Update

Local game store Gamer's Haven just re-opened over in Post Falls and we went to check out the new location on Friday. The shop looks great, with a large amount of space for in-store table-top gaming. The official Grand Opening is the first weekend of March, complete with tournaments and events.

Jenny and I have been wanting to get back into miniatures games for a while, and this might be the perfect time to start playing Warhammer again. There's also a new game, Malifaux, from an Italian game company, that looks really intriguing as well.

Saturday we headed over to Coeur d'Alene to have dinner with Jenny's family, to celebrate her sister Patty's birthday. She opened her presents and delicious Mexican food from Rancho Viejo was enjoyed by all.

We had a great turn-out at our monthly meeting of the Spokane Comicsmiths' Guild today, with a record number of attendees and a couple of new people being there for the first time. We're still getting things straightened out for Emerald City ComiCon next month, but I think we'll have all our bases covered.

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