Tuesday, October 05, 2010

24 Hour Comic Book Day!

This last weekend was the annual 24 Hour Comic Book Challenge, where creators around the world attempt to write and draw a 24 page comic, from scratch, in 24 straight hours. This was my 3rd year participating and the 4th year for the event here in Spokane.

Last year I did pretty well, coming up with a 17 page finished story in the 24 hours. I was hoping to do better this time, but I got a slow start and never really figured out what I wanted to do. I got 7 pages pencilled, with parts of them inked, when I hit a creative wall and never got re-started. After setting the pages aside and taking a break, I sat back down and did some writing and design work on another story idea I've had kicking around for a while but hadn't really started on yet.

So, while I didn't succeed at my 24 hour comic, I still made some progress on something else, and more importantly the event itself was a huge success. We had more participants this year than any previous, and also more people successfully finishing the Challenge. Great time, all around.

We even had a Spider-Man pinata this year - you can see a video of it getting smashed open over at the Comicsmiths' Guild website: ComicsmithsGuild.com

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