Thursday, March 03, 2011

Emerald City ComiCon is this weekend...

... but unfortunately I won't be there this year.

Jenny and I were planning on going, even though I wouldn't be at a table this time (Artist Alley sold out way early and The Comicsmiths' Guild didn't get a spot), but her job requires a minimum 3 months advance for time-off, and we didn't think to put the request in till after New Years. Oh well, realistically we probably don't have the money to spend on the trip right now anyway...

But, if you do happen to find yourself at the Convention, there will be a few local friends & Guild members in attendance:

- Levi Skeen and Nate O'Brien will be with the Sketch Crew, at A-15/16/17 in Artist Alley. Copies of the new Comicsmiths' Guild Anthology will be available for purchase there, featuring a comic short from yours truly.

- Erik Thompson should be at the Rorshach/MicroBrew Studios booth (114).

- Lars Brown will probably be at the Oni Press booth (806), but only on Saturday.

- Jay Gunter will be at the Creator's Edge booth (L-01/02), promoting his upcoming novel, Left Hand Tree.

Emerald City is an awesome convention, and I wish I wasn't missing it, but we'll definitely be there next year (both Jenny & I, and The Guild). For now, I've got to start thinking about the upcoming Spokane ComiCon and Free Comic Book Day, both in May. I'll be with the Guild in Artist Alley at SCC, and we'll be at local comic shops on FCBD, doing our regular deal of drawing sketches for kids.

The Guild's first "real" event as a group was for FCBD in 2009 - it's kind of awesome to think we've been together for 2 years now, and we're just getting started!

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