Thursday, April 21, 2011

Day to Day

We had our regular monthly Comicsmiths' Guild meeting on Sunday, except this was a BBQ hosted at one of our homes. Not much "business" taken care of, but a lot of fun and really great food.

Myself and my Guild-mates will be drawing free sketches for people at two local comic stores (Lightning Comics and Merlyns) as part of the annual Free Comic Book Day event on May 7th. If you're local, you can drop by and pick up a free sketch and free comics; otherwise, check the FCBD website for a participating comic shop near you!

I must have slept wrong and tweaked a nerve or something, as I woke up Monday with my back and shoulder in pain, spreading to my arm. It's better now, but not 100% yet, and has mostly killed my artistic productivity for the week since it was my drawing arm and shoulder that was affected.

It's not the first time this has happened, and I'm sure a lot of it has to do with our bed, which is way too old and lumpy and definitely needs to be replaced. But unfortunately that's just not in the budget right now...

We did replace our monitor today, when we went over to visit Jenny's folks. Her dad is part of a computer club which refurbishes old computers for people in the neighborhood in need, and we picked up one from there. It's certainly not "new", and is still a big CRT screen, but is a lot better than the 10 year old noisy behemoth we had before.

Otherwise today (Wednesday), her dad also took us out for Mexican food, and we caught up on all the taped TV they record for us (since they have cable). Then some shopping, and we watched Skyline, which was a lot more entertaining than I expected. It wasn't very well received at the box office, and I hadn't heard much about it - but it actually surprised me, especially in how it ended. Unfortunately I highly doubt there will be a sequel.

Guess I haven't really done much normal blogging lately. I don't know if this will drastically change, but I thought I'd give it a shot. We've been getting a lot of DVDs from the library lately, so maybe I'll start giving some more commentaries on those, in lieu of anything else important to talk about for now... ;)

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