Sunday, May 29, 2011

Spokane ComiCon Wrap-Up

Just realized it's been a week since the Spokane ComiCon, and I never actually did a post-convention blog post....

The Con was a lot of fun (per usual) - it had it's highest turn-out yet, which is definitely an encouraging sign of the size of the geek community around here. We met a lot of great folks, and it was also awesome to see people we recognized from past events, who made a point to find us at the Con and get more sketches from us. And of course, it's great to be able to meet more artists and creative types, and catch up with friends from out of town.

The one serious snag in the event was the "fire drill" mid-way through the day... The fire alarm went off, and everyone had to leave the building while we waited for the fire department to show up and make sure everything was safe. We were only outside for probably 30 minutes, but I'm sure there were some who didn't wait around and just left.

And apparently this was a known issue with the alarm system itself, as it had gone off at least twice before that week and hadn't been fixed. Just bad timing, but thankfully most of the attendees took it in stride and didn't let it ruin the day.

I only got photos of a couple of the sketches I did during the Con. The top one is the person's original character, that he was getting different peoples' versions of. And the other was for a little girl, probably only 5 or 6, who apparently really liked Frankenstein. It was great seeing the thrilled look on her face when she saw it and realized it was for her.

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