Monday, September 26, 2011


We've been without phone or internet for the past week, and just got back on-line today. A really nice technician guy from CenturyLink dropped by this afternoon to check it out, even though we weren't expecting him 'till tomorrow. Something was apparently wrong at the outside box, but everything's all fixed up and seems fine now.

We weren't sure about the change-over from Qwest to CenturyLink, fearing that it would be like the WaMu-to-Chase switch (more fees, more headaches), but so far OK. Still thinking about maybe changing providers, especially if/when we move (whenever that is).

Our friend Jamie is currently renting an apartment in a 4-plex that's a big converted farmhouse. His upstairs neighbor may be leaving soon, and if so we're hoping to maybe get in there. It's a nice enough place, and the rent would be almost half what we're paying here.

But, we *have* to know for sure in the next week, to put in our notice, since our lease is up at the end of October. Otherwise, we'll probably sign another one for 6 months and plan on moving in the Spring. Fingers crossed...

Other good news - one of Jenny's co-workers is retiring, and her (full-time) position is opening up. And Jenny got the job! It's not a raise, per se, but it does mean a full 40 hours a week (so bigger paychecks), and should be a regular Monday-Friday schedule for a change.

She heard from other co-workers that going to full-time might lower her insurance costs as well, but she's got to look into that. The new position should take effect at the end of October sometime, but she's not sure exactly when.

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