Thursday, November 17, 2011


It's feeling a bit more like winter around here, if not necessarily looking like it. Temperatures have been dipping down, and we've had a few days with snow on the ground. Nothing that's stuck around, and just as much days of rain as snow, but the city's already bracing for another potential dumping of snow like the last couple of years. Hopefully the road clearing plans will actually be sufficient this time around...

We went ahead and pulled all our Christmas decorations and tree out of the garage the other day, but haven't put anything up yet. That'll probably wait 'till after Thanksgiving.

Also saw on-line the other day that Fairbanks was in the mid -40s, and was the current coldest spot on Earth (at least of the places being monitored by that weather service). We still miss Alaska from time to time, but then we remember days like that.

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