Monday, July 04, 2005

It Was Quieter in the Woods...

Ah, the first post of a new blog, as I am serenaded by the fireworks extravaganza on the lake and the pounding bass coming from our downstairs neighbors. I guess there's something to be said for living in a cabin in the woods after all.

So, why a blog? Why not, really? I do already have a Livejournal, but I barely touch that anymore. And it's horribly outdated, filled with small-business-owner drama. I also have a deviantArt account that provides a journal feature, but I'd like to start posting in this relatively often, and I don't want to bombard the few people who actually choose to look at my art with all of the tedium that is my (and my girlfriend's) life.

I'll probably use this as a sketch-journal, a photo-journal and something of a normal-journal as well, to keep folks (any who'd like to know) aware of any happenings in this neck of the woods (so to speak...).

As it stands, we have grown tired of our current living situation. When Jenny and I moved down here, just over a year ago, we were lucky to find this place. Now that we're gainfully employed, somewhat financially stable and aware of our options, we desperately want to find a better place. We've talked about getting a house to rent, but I think now we're steering more towards just finding an apartment complex that is clean, well maintained, professionally managed and secure.

I believe tomorrow will consist of:
  • Sleeping in...
  • Going over to Jenny's folks' place and helping her mom with cleaning and organizing the garage
  • Probably doing some laundry while we're there
  • Hopefully checking out the apartments downtown that sound like exactly what we're looking for (a 2 bedroom for $485?! We're paying $575 now!)
  • Art. Maybe some miniature painting or a game of IK Warmachine or Pirates of the Spanish Main
I'd like to keep this fairly updated, so I will post more (probably tomorrow). I don't really expect many (or any) readers, so this is mainly for my amusement. Still, if you happen to find yourself here and would like to comment, feel free....

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