Tuesday, July 05, 2005

A Slow Start to a Lazy Day

The shelling did finally stop last night, as did the screaming neighbor children below. Verily, we need a new abode.... Jenny got to watch the fireworks at work, from the roof of the building with her co-workers. Apparently they had even less customers than we did.

Slept in a little longer than planned.... for once, Jenny was up about an hour before me. I wasn't out of bed 'till almost noon, and it took even longer before either of us were ready to face the day.

We did finally make it over to her parents' place (where I'm at now), and we got the garage organized and cleaned as well as the mini-green house moved from the dining room to the living room. Laundry is proceeding currently.... Since it's already after 5, it doesn't look like we'll get out to look at apartments today, however.

I should be working on some sort of art, but I didn't bring my sketchbook over, and we'll be here for atleast another hour or two (laundry + dinner). I guess it's back to my book; I'm currently reading The Drawing of the Dark by Tim Powers. It's his first novel, and one of the last couple of his that I haven't read yet. I believe it's long out of print, but I finally found a weathered paperback copy at a used book store. So far, excellent (as per usual for Powers).

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