Friday, July 15, 2005

Potter Craze

I can't wait for the damn Harry Potter book to be out, these people are crazy! Not that I'm not a little obsessed too. I admit to checking several fan sites and rowling's for spoilers a couple times today, but I guess I'll just have to wait and read it. Poo, I wanted to be able at work today to have that evil gleam in my eye that I know something that no one else does. And if any of my minions weren't listening to me, I'd threaten to tell them a plot twist or something if they didn't get back to work or whatever I told them to do. But alas, I didn't even get a chance to peek into one of the 2226 books we had in the back. For the best I'm sure. I get so annoyed with my job that I do little rebellions that none-the-less get me in trouble. Mostly I'm just appathetic and let my minions get away with whatever they want to do, but the trouble is when they try to get away with shit with the other managers and then get in trouble themselves and say, "but Jenny does it, or let me do it" or something along those lines. And then I get "talked to." Basically, "we need to be consistant with our managing, stop letting them do _____." But we work in retail and I just barely make enough to pay bills/food/gas and save $50 a paycheck, if I'm lucky, and the poor kids who are the cashiers make minimum wage, which is absolute shit here in Idaho. So I don't make enough to care.
Back to Potter... I remember a dream I had last week or so, well the end of it at least. I dreamt that Ron had accidently switched Harry with an older version of himself. Harry sat up in a dark room and put his glasses on and said, "Damn it, Ron." Then I woke up. Not much, but I've forgotten the beginning. I always have really wierd dreams. This one wasn't really all that wierd, but since I was ranting about the Potter craze anyway, I thought I'd throw it in.

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