Sunday, July 17, 2005

Potter Craze Pt. 2: The Floodgates Open

Well, the books finally out. I'm glad I was lucky enough to not have to work last night, but today was hellish enough on it's own. The day went by quick enough (since we were busy), but the stupid and annoying just kept coming in waves. Thankfully, we should have plenty of copies left to keep us going until Tuesday when our next shipment arrives, although we will have to start pulling copies from the reserved boxes to sell to walk-ins.

I did not get the bathroom cleaned like I'd hoped on my day off, so maybe on Tuesday. We also need to do laundry very soon, so it's looking like Tuesday will be cleaning/chores day. Or maybe Wednesday, since we both have that day off....

Even though I work at a bookstore, I've realized that I don't really read much anymore, so that's something I'm trying to remedy. I've got a ton of books on my bookcase that I've had forever and still need to read, so I've got lots to choose from, and I'm still getting more. After finishing The Drawing of the Dark by Tim Powers, I just read Exist to Inspire, about The Hardy Boyz (the wrestlers, not the detectives). Next up is Fortress of Solitude by Jonathan Lethum. I've read Lethum's Gun, With Occasional Music and that was excellent. I've got high hopes for this as well. Not sure what after that, I think I'm going to try and alternate between Fiction and Non-fiction for a while. Get me some book learnin'....

By the by, I also started a second Blog for my artistic endeavors and aspirations. Check it out at

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