Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Will I Never Sleep Again?

First of all, it's not all our neighbor's fault. If Peter and I had got to bed at a decent hour last night... But that really hasn't been happening of late. So we got to sleep around 3AM or so last night. I woke up from a nightmare around 6AM. The pipes started making noise, but I thought I'd be able to sleep through that. Then a minute later, the kid downstairs decides to start playing his videogame, loudly. The music from the game sounds like an erratic heartbeat, and the base is vibrating up through the bed, again. So I toss and turn for a few minutes, then get up to go to the bathroom. Me in the mirror looks squinty and upset. So when I go back into the bedroom, the music finally wakes up Peter, and I say that I can't sleep (in a rather whiny voice). Peter is nice enough to go downstairs and tell the kid to turn the music down. He does, but it still takes a few hours to get back to sleep. Then I dream I'm trying to drive down some road, and there's two guys on little clown cars weaving in and out of trafic cutting each other off. We come to a stoplight, and the one who managed to get in front before they stoped, turns around and starts an argument with the guy behind him. I can't remember what they say, but then I end up getting involved. I try to be nice at first, but the guy is looking for a fight and I end up telling him he needs therapy or something, and then that he's causing a traffic jam and to get out of my f'ing way. Around 11AM, I wake up again and never really get back to sleep. Peter gets up around Noon. Then the phone rings a little after that (debt consolodation advertisment, grrr), so I figure, I may as well get up. I start this bitch session and the phone rings again, but no one leaves a message. Now it's 1:30 and we need to get moving, and I'm still tired and bitchy, plus I have to open the next 3 days at work. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. -Jenny

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