Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Artist's Block

Surprisingly little was accomplished today, much to my chagrin....

I'd decided to spend the whole day working on Art of some sort of another, concentrating on the current Draw-Offs over at Digital Webbing, but my self sabotage struck again. Lots of staring at my sketchbook, drawing, erasing, more erasing, etc. I just froze up and it took pretty much the whole day to loosen up my creative self.

The whole apartment is in shambles right now; mid-packing mess-a-palooza. I can't concentrate in all of this, but by the same token, I can't blame it all on the apartment. And I'll never "make it" as an artist if I can't be left at home alone without wasting away the whole damn day. I'm working on it....

Jenny drew a completed picture in about 45 minutes in her notebook tonight. If this was a competition, she'd be way ahead right now.
If. ; )

And still, no one answers the phone at the apartment place. We just want to give them money so we can have a place to live. Do they not want our money? I just don't understand.

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