Sunday, October 02, 2005

I Just Want To Get Out Of Here!

What is it going to take to get us out of here and into another appartment?! Peter tried calling the new appartment place twice yesterday morning, but no one answered. So we thought, maybe they are out cleaning, lets drive over there and find someone to answer our questions face to face. Good plan, huh? Aparently not. It's only a half hour drive or so, that's not the problem. The construction people causing a bottleneck in traffic right before the exit we need wasn't the problem, although it was annoying. No, the normal secretary at the new appartment place was out sick when we got there, and this bitchy lady who didn't give a crap who we were and had a "that's too bad, here's a quarter call someone who cares" attitude about our needing to move in earlier then 3 weeks from now, was the problem. She seemed almost gleeful that she couldn't help us in any way. Although she did give us the name of the head guy, although we can't call him till Monday, which is when we would have to call to get ahold of the normal secretary anyway. So we still don't know when exactly we can move in, and we don't know if we can expedite the move by taking on the cleaning duties ourselves either. So it was a useless trip.

So we had my Dad come over and help move all the boxes we had packed already over to his garage. On the way over to his house, I noticed the truck seemed to be swaying back and forth. I had only ever felt the truck sway when it's really windy, but it was only raining, not windy at all. Peter thought that he kinda felt it too, but we were both tired from hauling boxes of books around, so thought maybe the swaying was just in our heads. Once we unloaded my Dad's truck, I was about to get into mine to back into the garage, when I noticed that my left rear tire was nearly flat. After unloading the truck, the tire didn't look so squished, so we determined that it was probably safe to drive to a place to fix it, rather then change the tire. "We" meaning Dad was tired and didn't want to help change a tire. The handyman installing my parent's new dishwasher mentioned a couple places that specialize in tires on Gov't Way road. So after a recouperating lunch, Peter and I headed to one place, which had just closed. Then drove to another place, which was closed, and finally found a tire place still open. I've had to get a tire patched before in Fairbanks, they let me watch, and it took less then 5 minutes to take the tire off, find the leak, stick in the patch, fill it with air, and put it back on. But there were other people who had come in ahead of us yesterday, so we had to wait almost 45 minutes before they ever got to mine. The good thing though, other then getting the tire fixed, was that they didn't charge me anything for it. I don't know why, maybe they felt sorry for me and Peter having to wait so long next to a woman with 4 annoying kids that she only paid attention to to yell at. Whatever the reason, I'm just glad that the tire didn't go flat while we were driving out to the new appartment place. By the way, it was a nail that was making the slow leak. There, I think I've rambled on enough. I can't wait to go see the movie Serenity today!

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