Thursday, October 06, 2005

Two Starving Artists: Season 2

We. Are. Out!

No more stupid apartment! I did the final walk thru with the landlord today (after cleaning all of yesterday). She's not taking any out for cleaning (other than the $100 for the carpets-that's in the lease), but she is charging us for 5 days since we technically were living there. That's gonna cost us almost $100, but that's still $800-$900 back, with August's rent added on. And, we never have to deal with her again! Yippee!

Plus, I talked to the new apartment people today - we move in this weekend, we sign paperwork on Saturday, and all together it's gonna cost us less than $800. Again with the Yippee!

Landlord's gonna mail us the checks, so we'll just being paying out of the money we have. So we were talking about using the money we get back from her and opening up a new, joint, bank account. Hmmm... joint bank account.... sounds like we might be serious. ; ) We are gonna keep our old accounts in AK, but this will be for bills and expenses and saving for mutual stuff.

Now we need to get all of our utilities changed over, addresses changed, and I need to find me a job. This is a new, new beginning for us. We're still figuring out what we're doing down here, and now maybe we'll stay here for two years. heh...

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