Wednesday, December 14, 2005


We were going to see Narnia on Sunday, but the showing we were planning on seeing was sold out, and we didn't feel like waiting another 2 and a half hours. So we decided on Just Friends, the new stupid comedy with Ryan Reynolds. Freaking hilarious! Any movie where Ashley Simpson (or atleast a barely disguised clone of her) gets tasered and falls off a mall balcony gets two thumbs way up from me. There were some serious laugh out loud, gut-busting moments. One of the first comedies I've seen in a long time that was actually worth seeing on the big screen.

We're still going to see Narnia, oh yes.... but we figure it'll be in theatres for a while. And it's not like we're in danger of someone telling us how it ends and spoiling it for us.

I spent the day today doing lots of resume/cover letter/job hunting research on-line. I've realized I need to totally redo my resume. I've found some very interesting job prospects in the paper, and I need to really figure out how to jazz up my presentation and sell myself for these.

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