Friday, December 16, 2005

Wild Animals Everywhere

Last weekend as Peter and I were heading to CDA, I saw a bald eagle. Peter missed it (bad angle), but he and I both saw the hawk/falcon bird that also saw the eagle and quickly landed so it wouldn't become dinner. Then, passing the Eastern edge of Post Falls, I saw another hawk/falcon bird. The underside of it's wings and belly were light or white, and I think it's head might have been darker, I didn't get a great look (plus I was driving). Today, as I was driving, I saw a large bird with reddish feathers sitting on one of the large interstate signs. So it seems as if the weekends are a good time for large bird watching. Although it's usually when I'm driving that I see them.

Peter and I saw the Cronicles of Narnia movie last night. It was FANTASTIC. Although the movie theater itself could have had less teenagers in it, or Peter and I should have eaten first and gone to the late showing. Oh well, it was still great.

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Alex Bates said...

Damn, Jenny, you have the worst luck sometimes. Your truck gets broken into (I know, it was forever ago, but I've been out of your news loop), your check gets messed with. Lame.

Hope things are going well for you.