Saturday, December 10, 2005


Jamie came over today and we watched the rest of League of Gentlemen, except for the Christmas special. But he left it with us so we could watch it whenever (plus 5 hours of special features!). He also typed up his resume while he was here.

I got a hold of Josh and Sean, and we'll probably be hooking up with them next weekend to see Aeon Flux and King Kong, although chances are we'll be in Coeur d'Alene tomorrow, so we'll more than likely drop by Borders and see if Sean's in so we can bug him.

Narnia came out today, so I suppose we might go see that tomorrow, plus we'll be working out in the morning. We're going to try to get to there earlier than last Saturday so we can avoid any one else being there. There was this old couple there last week who totally monopolized the exercise bike and treadmill, and with the treadmill out of order, we both want to get some bike time. Besides, we really just prefer working out without other people there....

Tried out a new Chinese place tonight, which was pretty good (and cheap) and delivers. After getting dinner and groceries we came home and watched some Friday night TV (and Smackdown!) while playing a raging game of Warhammer. Us crazy kids!

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