Friday, December 09, 2005

Hangin' With Our Homies

We did in fact hang out with Tigger yesterday - we went to the mall and got food there and then wandered around for a while. That was after going over to her house and helping her move stuff around in her garage. But now she can actually pull her car into the garage, so that's a good thing. Lincoln's not coming back till Christmas (probably), but when he does we want to get them and the kids and all go out to Cat Tales Zoological Park , this cool zoo for big cats that's up North of Spokane.

Went over to Jamie's tonight, and started watching the 3rd season of League of Gentlemen. He's planning to come over tomorrow to type up his resume on the computer and he's going to bring it over for us to to watch, plus the LoG Christmas special. I can only imagine how screwed up that's going to be....

King Kong comes out next Wednesday, and we're going to try and get together with Sean and Lisa to see that, and I need to ask Josh if he want's to go see Aeon Flux this weekend.

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