Saturday, January 14, 2006

Best Laid Plans

I was totally planning on getting all sorts of stuff accomplished today....

The reality was much different, since I slept in till 11:30 again. I wanted to get my cover letters finished, all of my resumes mailed and faxed off, a whole bunch of artwork done (Runes of Ragnar started, atleast one Graphic Illustration exercise, plus some other random art), and play atleast one game of Warhammer tonight (while watching Smackdown!). I also wanted to finish the lightbox I started putting together and decorate the office.

I've never written a cover letter before, and I had no idea how hard it was to put into words "Please Hire Me!", without sounding cheesy or begging. I figured on sitting down for an hour, putting my nose to the grindstone and typing 'em out; that one hour turned into more like 6! I did get a "basic" cover letter figured out, which I could adjust for certain jobs, and even had Jenny proofread it and find some problems I fixed.

I did not get any "homework" done today, although I was able to draw in my sketchbook some tonight while watching Late Night, and sketched out this Valkrie, which will be part of the Odin piece. Once I get the lightbox together I'll just slap this together with the other sketch and blow it up. It'll be a whole lot easier that way.
Obviously we did not get in any games of Warhammer (or anything else for that matter) tonight, but we'll definately play something tomorrow. I want to play atleast one small game of Warhammer, but I'd also like to play some Warmachine, and proxy some models so we can try out the new Hordes game. I did get the miniature painting table cleared off and cleaned up, so hopefully I'll be a little more motivated to do some painting.

And to top it off, UPN has once again failed me by not showing Smackdown! at it's appointed time. We got more basketball and "Confessions Live!". Yay. From what I read on-line, it was actually a really good episode, with Kurt Angle making a surprise appearance (from Raw) and winning the World Heavyweight Championship in a Battle Royal. We (as in the whole apartment complex) have free cable for the next week or so, so I'll atleast get to watch Raw on Monday night, so there's a plus.

And finally, today marks the 30th birthday of my buddy Jason, who lives on the other side of the country so I don't really talk to him much anymore but is still a great guy. Happy Birthday!

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