Sunday, January 15, 2006

Burning the Midnight Oil

Well, I did get the cover letters I was writing finished last night, or should I say this morning.... I dropped the two I needed to mail in the outgoing mail slot around 4:30 am this morning before I went to bed, so I'd be sure they went out today. I've also got 3 to fax and 2 more to email, but I'm going to wait until Monday morning to take care of those so I'll be reasonably sure there's someone at the offices to receive them. And tomorrow's Sunday, so there's another stack of Classifieds to go through.

We played a small (500) point game of Warhammer tonight - Chaos (Beasts) vs. Chaos (Mortals). It was... interesting. I have never seen such horrible dice rolling as I beheld tonight. Jenny's forces inflicted 6 (unsaved) wounds on my army. Total. Although she made my unit of Flesh Hounds disappear back into the warp from beating them in combat. So, yes I did win, and it was probably technically a massacre, but it still wasn't what I'd call a "solid victory." But it was still lots of fun (although I'm not sure if Jenny would echo my opinion....).

Anyway, hopefully this will be the start of us getting back into playing regularly. I want to get back in the habit of painting as well, so maybe I'll find the time to get some work done on my figures tomorrow.

No real art to speak of today. I sketched a bit in my little sketchbook when we were at the parents' house today, but that's it. Although I did think of something to do for the newest Draw Off over at Digital Webbing. It's not due till the end of the month though, so expect to wait to see that one.

Tomorrow (technically today, the 15th) is our 2 1/2 year anniversary. We don't really have anything planned, other than probably go out for lunch. There's supposed to be a Thai place on Pines somewhere that we might try to find. Otherwise, we'll probably just stay in and work on art and watch cable - Happy Anniversary to Us!

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