Thursday, January 26, 2006

Out Of The Blue!

I love it when friends call or write out of the blue. I hadn't heard from Eric here since Peter and I moved down here. This is one of two pictures I actually have of him, and the other is even worse. ;) I would have had better pictures, but my stupid digital camera ate them and they were unrecoverable. Grrrr. That was about a year and a half ago. From the night before my family and Peter all moved down to CDA. Peter, Eric, Tyson and I were at the Marlin drinking and playing pool. No one was drinking that much because we all had stuff to do early the next morning, so we didn't want hangovers. And by playing pool, I mean breaking into the pool table and stealing the balls so we could play without paying. All in full view of the bar's camera. No one cared though, not the bartender either. It was a great night.

On a different note, Dad dropped off the wood dresser Grandpa gave us this morning. It's nice.
We also got a call for Peter this morning. He has a 2nd interview tomorrow morning. We'll have to get to bed before 2AM tonight. And from now on if he gets the job. I hope he does. I still don't have a job, but I'm going to start looking. I swear. :)

I made some kick ass cookies yesterday. They are technically chocolate chip, but besides the semi-sweet morsels, I also added white chocolate, cinammon, and mint too. Almost every bite is a different flavor. It's awesome.

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