Saturday, February 25, 2006

Clean Slate

Today was spring cleaning day. I finally cleaned the shower (and the rest of the bathroom), as well as finally getting the ledge in the hallway cleaned off (Jenny started cleaning it a while back, but she was too short to reach most of it). It's basically clean, although it's still pretty grimy up there; but it's clean enough to put the extra boxes we've had sitting around up there.

So now the hallway is clear, the floor is all vacuumed, all of the dishes are clean and most of our clothes are clean. Yay! I wanted to get the whole apartment clean, so now we can do a quick clean every weekend and keep it that way. No more waiting almost 2 months to clean the shower....

We're just waiting to get paid now. This whole "only getting paid once a month thing" has made this February the longest month ever. Even though we have basically no money at the moment, I get paid on the first and Jenny get's paid on the 3rd, so everything will be back to (relative) normal again.

We can pay our rent and our bills, put food back in our fridge, and go to the comic shop and pick up the 2 months' worth of comics that have been piling up. Just as long as we have enough gas to get us to work for the next 3 days.... I'm going to try setting up Quicken on the computer, so we can manage our money a little better. It'll be even more important with us having to budget my paycheck to last the whole month.

The plan is to hang out with Jamie tomorrow, since we haven't seen him in forever. He's got a copy of Zardoz on VHS, and neither of us have seen it yet, so hopefully he'll bring it with him. And after we get paid, we'll try to go up to Tigger's place and hang out with her too, but they're about as broke as us - and they've got mortgage payments and a menagerie to deal with.

We've certainly learned to be more... creative with our cooking, to make the little food we have last as long as possible. Rice + Spam = Mmm Mmm Good.

Otherwise, we haven't been doing much of anything. We've been too poor to go out, and lack of food has drained us of much energy to do anything else. I've been really tired every day when I get home from work, and have been getting to bed really early (for me). We did stay up really late last night playing chess; that was fun.

I'm almost finished reading My Silent War, Kim Philby's autobiography, which has been quite entertaining. I've been meaning to read it since I first read Tim Power's Declare, which features Philby as a main character. There's something about Cold War espionage and the "Great Game" that intrigues me.

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