Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Quarter Century

My sister Patty turns 25 today. Ahhh, I remember back when I was 25. Last year. It was a stressful time for me, but things got better. Not quite as good as 22-23, but better. Man I miss the Marlin and the Loon, drinkin' and dancing till 3 in the morning with friends. But I was talking about my sister...

Due to being poor, Peter and I had decided not to drive to CDA for her birthday. Sure there is free food and cake in the deal, but that doesn't put gas in the truck. I could probably ask Dad again for $ (which I didn't want to do the first time), but the only time I've really asked my parents for money was when I was going to Spain. Anywho, my friend Jenni pointed out the obvious, that they should come to us, so we don't have to drive so far.


So, my parents and the birthday girl are meeting us here after I get Peter from work, then they'll drive us to a nearby Mexican restaurant. Dad said that Mom is trying to bake a cake from scratch, and if it works out, they'll bring it over and we can eat it after dinner. Yay! I have some Orlando Bloom pictures that I cut out for Patty (she's obsessed), that I can give her as a present (a crappy present, but one none the less). I know my Mom is a good cook when she puts her mind to it, but since I've been old enough to bake, which was a long time ago, I've usually been the one to make the birthday cakes. I'm sure it'll be fine. And white probably, Patty usually picks white cake with white/vanilla frosting, for some reason. I usually picked the fruity or multi colored cakes with extreem death frosting (of any flavor, you can only eat a little bit).

On the job front. I like working at at my job, even though it's a retail store. At least it's not as stressful as Hastings! I looked at the schedule for this week, and even though I was told I would be starting in the framing department, looks like I'll be cashier for now. Bleh. Still no word from the musuem, or any other place I applied for. Grrr.

Anything else new? I finished reading the book "The Dragon and the George" by Gordon Dickson yesterday, and today watched the '80's cartoon movie loosely based on it, that Peter happened to still have after recording it off the TV in the mid '80's. LOOSELY BASED, let me tell you! It certainly wasn't the best book in the world, but the cartoon was much worse. Most of the characters were there in the movie, and most of them had the right name, but the plot, and the ending were completely different. And not in a makes more sense kind of way. Oh well.

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