Friday, February 17, 2006

What Part Of "No" Do You Not Understand?

So we apparently entered some drawing a while back, and "won" our choice of either a digital camera or DVD player. However, to claim the prize, we have to endure a 90 minute time-share presentation, courtesy of Trendwest. Well, we survived.... I know this is their job, and I knew what we were walking into, but I just hate hard-sell tactics and the swarthy "car salesmen in sweaters" who were there employing them.

You know, the thing is the deal they were offering was actually really good. And if we had an extra couple hundred dollars burning a hole in our pockets that we could throw at something like this, we might have taken them up on the deal. But we're dirt-poor right now, so it was a literal impossibility. The fiasco was in Coeur d'Alene, and we had to borrow gas money from Jenny's mom just to get back to Spokane....

We did get a cute little digital camera out of the deal. Seems to work all right so far; I'm glad we went with the camera over the DVD player - turned out to be a Coby.

Work continues. I've gotten on the phones occasionally, taking orders and setting up appointments. They're trying to ease me into eventually doing everything, so the office can get back to normal. I found out the lady I replaced was actually fired, but I don't know why yet. Waiting to get paid has made this the longest February on record....

Jenny's on to the schedule at Michaels for next week at about 20+ hours. She's working Saturday and Sunday this weekend (not surprisingly). This'll get some relatively quick money coming in (although she's not geting paid till after me...), but I really hope she gets that museum job she applied for. I think she'd be happier there.

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