Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy Mondays

Most people seem to hate Mondays, just on general principle, and mainly (I think) because it means going back to work. Up until I started my new job, however, I've never had a Monday-Friday schedule, so that's never been the case. In fact, Mondays usually ended up being my Fridays....

I don't really like going back to work, regardless of what day it is, and the weekend does seem too short, but that's not Monday's fault. And Mondays are still OK for other reasons.

  • Mondays mean new installments of Lying in the Gutters, my favorite comic book related weekly news and rumours column over at Comic Book Resources.
  • Mondays mean a new episode of Multiplex, my new favorite web-comic.
  • Mondays mean new episodes of CSI:Miami and Medium and How I Met Your Mother
  • And now, Mondays (finally) mean new episodes of Prison Break on FOX. They used to mean new episodes of Arrested Development (the funniest show on TV), but it doesn't look like they'll be able to "uncancel" themselves like Family Guy did....

Speaking of Animated prime time shows on FOX.... I know it's not the first (or stupidest) annoying thing FOX has done, but I can't believe they bumped American Dad off Sunday nights and replaced it with that new Free Ride drivel. What a waste. I miss Klaus....

So, yeah, Mondays are not too bad really. I'm most anoyed by Thursdays. They're so close to being at the end of the week, with out really being at the end of the week. They're so dissappointing....

Crazy People

So Jenny and I went into CDA on Sunday, like we normally do on the weekend. It's Jenny's mom's birthday tomorrow, and we wanted to give her present to her, since we wouldn't be able to go over tomorrow night (Jenny's scheduled to close). We found the other set of Wallace and Gromit figurines to match the set I bought her for Christmas, and she loved it (yay!).

Well, we were pretty close to CDA (between CDA and Post Falls), speedin' along like normal, and the car in front of us suddenly started braking really fast. Then, the two cars farther in front split to either side of the road and Jenny took evasive measures to avoid the Car Speeding Towards Us The Wrong Way On The Interstate! There was dust flying everywhere as cars were swerving to avoid the car and each other. We were expecting to see a cop car in hot pursuit, but he was alone (and apparently in a hurry). We forgot to check the news last night and see if there was any mention of some crazy guy drag racing on the wrong side of the interstate, and we didn't see any wreckage on the way back home, so who knows what the story was with that one....


I'm reading two books at the moment:

  • "Strange Itineraries" by Tim Powers is a new(ish) collection of his short stories. He'd released an earlier collection which is now out of print, although the Noel Wien library had a signed and numbered copy that I really, really wanted, but I'm way too honest to even think of stealing something from a library.... The stories so far are excellent, like everything Powers writes. I'm biased, I realize - I love his writing, what can I say.
  • "Russian Spring" by Norman Spinrad is a book I've had in my collection for some time (bought it at Gullivers, I think), but never got around to reading. I'm now reminded of just how much I love Spinrad's writing. His style is incredibly descriptive, yet easy to follow, and this particular book (while technically science fiction) is surprisingly topical considering our current political climate (and still engaging, even for an admittadly a-political person like myself).

And for those interested in sampling Spinrad's writing, he has made one of his novels, He Walked Among Us (here is the Google HTML version), available free on-line. Check out the link to Spinrad's home page, above, and you can e-mail him directly for a copy of the novel in RTF format, or download it from one of a few sites that are hosting it.

He is of course accepting donations for the novel, but not requiring any money to be spent. In fact, he is actively encouraging people to send copies to their friends and spread the novel around the web, so this is me doing my part.

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