Sunday, March 19, 2006

Saturday Night's Main Event

I haven't been able to watch my wrasslin' shows in quite a while, what with us not having cable and the local UPN affiliate deciding to show 70's TV movies on Friday nights instead of Smackdown! (huh?). So, I was happy to see Vince bringing the WWE back to prime time network TV, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised to be mostly dissappointed by the results.

I got the impression it was really meant to be a 2 hour advertisement for Wrestlemania, which is fine, but I would assume he'd want to try to make the show as accessible to new viewers as possible. It started out on the right foot, with a few of the main eventers giving little speeches explaining who they were and their "motivations", but after the main event match everything went down hill.

The second best "match" on the show was the Undertaker/Mark Henry brawl that broke out during Henry and Daivari's monologuing... The Booker/Boogeyman match never happens, the Divas match is laughable, and they get Stone Cold back for one night and waste him on a non-existant beer drinking contest with JBL? I'm really not a fan of Stone Cold, based on things he's done out of character, but I understand the appeal he holds for the public. He and the Undertaker were the two characters present most recognizable to the casual viewer, and they didn't do anything memorable with him.

They had their chance at the end of the show, when Vince helped his son "beat" Shawn Michaels, recreating the Bret Hart Screw-Job incident. I kept waiting for Austin to run down the ramp and come to assist, or just to beat up the McMahons (continuing their long standing rivalry). But what should I expect from Vince....?

I wonder what will happen when Vince finally dies and the empire is up for grabs. Will his family (Linda, Steph and Shane) split it up or fight over the whole package? Or will some one like Ted Turner sweep in and make them all an offer they can't refuse? Or perhaps Vince really is smarter than I give him credit for, and he's already picked a third party for his successor.....


We rented The Brothers Grimm and Domino the other night, although so far we've only watched the first one. It was pretty good, fairly entertaining. I'm glad we watched it, but it's nothing we've got to own. Was definately on the low end of the Terry Gilliam spectrum, but that still makes it better than most stuff churned out by Hollywood these days.

The next flick we want to see in the theatre is V For Vendetta, but we can wait till the crowds die down before rushing out to it (since it just opened this weekend). I actually haven't read the book yet, but the movie's been getting a lot of rave reviews, so I'm optimistic.

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