Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Memorial Day Wrap Up

Friday night after I got off work, we headed over to The Comic Book Shop and picked up the week's worth of comics, and then headed out to CdA. Dropped by Jenny's parents' place briefly to say Hi, and then went running around. Stopped by Borders and saw peoples and chatted, but Jenny's foot was really hurting, so we didn't hang out for too long. Had dinner at Los Sanchez and swung by Hastings, although there was only one ex-coworker that Jenny wanted to talk to there.

Headed back to Jenny's folks' place and hung out for a while, and her parents gave me my birthday presents: two awesome Cubavera bowling shirts! I've found I really love bowling shirts (you can blame Charlie Sheen in Two and a Half men for the inspiration), however they seem to be nearly impossible to find, and they're really pricey too. But I really want to try to to redo my wardrobe, and this is a start....

So, like I mentioned in the last post, we went to see X-Men 3 on Saturday, and also spent some time wandering around the mall window shopping before hand and grocery shopping afterwards. Otherwise it was spent doing a whole lot of nothing.

I don't really remember doing anything on Sunday, I think I slept in really late. Umm... I think Sunday was spent working on art, but I can't be certain.

Monday we went back to Jenny's folks' place, and her Aunt Joan cooked a big lunch/supper for everybody. It was too rainy for BBQ, but the chicken, potatos and corn on the cob were delicious none the less. We didn't get to see Jenny's Uncle Jeff since he took off Friday evening before we got there, but there are supposed to be pictures of the elusive Jeff on her parents' camera....

Jenny's at work tonight till close, and she apparently hung out with Jamie today sometime while I was at work, but I don't know what they ended up doing. She has tomorrow off, tho, so hopefully we'll be going to get comics tomorrow after work.

Tech Update

So, remember that digital camera we got for sitting through the Trendwest timeshare spiel? I had attempted to install the driver before we went to the comic con at the beginning of April, but XP was warning us that it wasn't an "approved" driver and it might cause problems with windows. I looked online, but couldn't find an "approved" driver to subsitute for the one included on the disk.

My other idea was to install on it on one of our old laptops, so there wouldn't be any worry about "ruining" the computer. Except that:
  1. The old laptops don't have USB ports, and effort required to find an adaptor/hub for the serial ports really wouldn't be worth it.
  2. Both of the laptops are running Windows 95 (and that's stretching 'em), and we need a computer running atleast 98 to install the driver.

So, that idea wouldn't work, so now I'm shopping around for memory cards and a memory card reader, which should solve all of our problems. I'm thinking I'll just buy 'em at Geeks.com, which is the same place I got my cheapy tablet, which so far has been the best $30 I've spent on a piece of electronics.

I'm working on some art for Alex, and I decided to do it in Illustrator with the tablet, which has definately been a learning experience, but well worthwhile. I'm finally starting to get the hang of the basics of Illustrator, and should hopefully have something to show for it soon. When I do, I'll be sure to post it up here.

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