Thursday, June 01, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me

So, today was the big 3 decade marker. After work, Jenny and I went to get comics, and then drove down-town to have dinner at Red Robin. I almost had a drink when I was there, but then I realized that they would have to card me. And if they realized it was my birthday, then I'd probably have to endure their birthday-chanting-song-thing, and they might make me wear a hat. I had a chocolate malt instead.

After dinner we went to see Art School Confidential. Any who have not yet done so, go now, now, and see this movie (while it still might be in your local theatre). Sooo funny, atleast for us "artist" types. I'll be buying this when it comes out (so it can sit on the shelf next to my copy of Ghost World).

I'll be getting to bed soon, since I still have to get back up and go to work tomorrow. Yay. Jenny found me another awesome bowling shirt for a birthday present, and another styling shirt that ended up being a bit too big, so we'll see if I can exchange it for the right size.

I got one birthday e-mail card from a friend in Alaska (who I honestly haven't spoken to in months), and some birthday tidings from the fine folks on Digital Webbing. Besides them, Jenny, and Jenny's parents - nothing. Kinda depressing, but Jenny baked me a cake, and cake fixes most (if not all) things. To quote Greg Behrendt: Cake is Muy Bueno...

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