Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Happy Birthday To Me Too

Today is my 27th birthday. It's a beautiful day outside. I got to go back to sleep after dropping Peter off at work. I got some birthday wishes from friends. Did some stretches, then walked to the Coke vending machines. I don't know the exact distance from here to there, but it takes an hour round trip, if I'm walking. Peter and I were downtown last night after going to a Thai place for dinner, and we used all our change in the parking meter. So when I went on my walk today, I knew I didn't have any change to buy a Coke once I got there. I thought maybe I'd luck out and find a quarter. So I get there and there is some guy there buying cans of Coke (25 cents each), and a couple who are trying to leave, but the guy parked directly in their path. I walk up to the machines, pat myself down for a second while looking at the ground for loose change, and after not seeing any, shrug and walk away. The guy, who looked sort of like Kevin Federline (Britiney Spears' husband), asked if I needed a quarter. With the trafic, I couldn't hear him very well, so I said, "what?" He asked again and I moved closer and feined not being able to hear him still to see if he really was willing to help me out, and he not only offered again, but when I said yes, if he had one to spare, he gave me 50 cents so I could get a bottle of Coke instead of just a can. Isn't that so nice? I'll have to leave some change the next time I walk there, so I can do someone else a favor. What's that called?... Paying it forward, or something? So, Happy Birthday to me! I got a gift from a random stranger.

I have to work tonight and tomorrow morning. Bleh! We don't have an add this week at work, so anyone who comes in gets sticker shock because there's no discount. "It costs how much for just the frame!?" Nr people! It's CUSTOM. Anything custom is expensive, but it'll look good, and last for decades! Whatever.

Read something funny today: A 33 yr old photographer broke her foot after tripping in her 5 1/2 inch tall platforms. She spent some time in a cast, and now that she's healed, she went back to platforms, but only 4 inch heels now. Nr. She said, "I like to wear heels because I feel more confident and therefore more sexy. But I'm writing some of this off to being young and retarded." Ha! Well, I thought it was funny.

Tomorrow I get more presents. Yay! And cake!

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