Tuesday, July 04, 2006

4th of July, Superheros, etc.

Happy Independence Day! Hope everybody stuffed themselves with BBQ & beer and failed in their attempts to blow their hands off. We just got back from Jenny's folks' place - we've already gorged ourselves on burgers and chicken, watched a couple of movies, and even did some laundry (the couple of blankets that won't fit in our smallish stackable washer/dryer).

Sunday was spent doing some major cleaning here in the apartment. The bathroom sorely needed it, as did the kitchen. We did a couple loads of dishes, and got caught up on all of our laundry. The rest of the apartment still needs some work (dusting, vacuuming, etc.), but overall it much more liveable again.

Well, we are still ironing out all the bugs from the re-install of Windows. If we had the money, I'd be sorely tempted to spring for a new computer (most likely a Mac). Stupid Windows. Grrr....

Work is going well - I just got a raise, so that's always good, especially since I've only been there 5 months. I guess I must be doing something right.

Fighting with the computer has meant some serious downtime from producing any real art to speak of, which is unfortunate. I've got some majorly late projects I need to finish (some for other folks, some for myself), and between those headaches and the ones from work, I am slipping further and further behind, which just makes me more exasperated and so the cycle perpetuates itself....

Saw Superman Returns on Saturday - and loved it!. It is very much a sequel to the first 2 Superman movies, but it stands on it's own as well. Kevin Spacey stole the show as Luthor (of course). There's so much internet/geek complaining going on right now it's sick, and all I can say is that this really wasn't made for comic books geeks. This was an excellent, well acted, action packed, visual spectacle made for the everyman who knows who Superman is and doesn't care what happened in a particular issue of Action Comics or whatever. Superman is now more than just a comic book character, he's a cultural icon, and as long as the established standards of who he is are there, and you make an enjoyable story, I don't really care if it is "different than the comic". I do wish that Singer could have stayed on and finished the X-trilogy and done Superman, but I'll take what I can get, I guess.

And the Spiderman 3 trailer is attached to Superman Returns, and it looks awesome as well. I'm sure there will be just as much fanboy complaining about that one as well. Oh well....Decide for yourself: Click Here to Watch the Spiderman 3 Trailer

There's also talk of a "secret fourth villain" in Spidey 3, who will most likely be announced at the San Diego Comic-Con. My guess is still Chameleon, who I've thought was a contender since day one of speculation. Of course, Spidey is dodging a huge spray of water in the trailer, so maybe Hydro-Man? Yeah, I kid. Or do I...? ;)

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