Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Who Needs A Title?

So, what have we been up to? Hmmm, mostly watching rented movies. In the past few days, we've seen The 40 year old virgin (recomend for a good laugh), Bloodrayne (better then expected, but we had really LOW expectations, so is ok), The Island (highly recomend), Hitchhiker's guide to the gallaxy (very funny), and Mr. & Mrs. Smith (much better then expected, I also recomend seeing it). I've never actually read the Hitchhiker books, so I don't know how they compare with the movie, but I thought it was funny.

Went to CDA yesterday and spent time with the family. Found out my Uncle Bob almost died in a horrible car accident a few days ago. If I can get Mom to send me the link, or the pictures of the accident (not bloody!), I'll post them so you can wonder with the rest of us how no one died. Apparently his boss was driving and started drifting towards the ditch. The co-worker in the middle grabbed the wheel to correct the SUV thing. The boss grabbed the wheel back and according to Bob and his co-worker, hit the gas and yelled "Yeehaw!" Moments later a semi had hit them, spun them around and pinned the vehical between it and the concrete barrier. Then the vehical caught on fire! Somehow they all made it out. I don't really know my Uncle Bob at all, but just looking at a picture of the pinned car on fire, where a blood relative almost died, really freaked me out. But he's OK.

I also had to spend time with one of the dogs (Matty). She's the oldest and wants to be the top dog, but my Aunt's puppy doesn't really get pack mentality yet, so she mostly just runs here there and everywhere without a thought to anything in her path, unless it's too hard to move when she hits it (like a wall). The puppy, Lily, is a 7 month old Akita, so she's HUGE, but she doesn't realize it. If she tries to submit to Matty, she tries to walk under her, instead of rolling over and showing belly and throat. Matty is tall, but so is Lily, and it is freakin' hilarious to watch Lily go under her. Matty isn't sure what to do since technically Lily is submitting, so there is no need to take her down a peg. So whenever I show up, Matty sucks up to me like an insecure child. It's really cute. (Matty likes me so much because I "saved her life" once, when she fell in the river by Alaskaland.)

Also freakin' hilarious is Lily trying to go under the Shih Tzu, Dusty. But he hates her for some reason (maybe that's why), so unless she sneaks up on him, he barks at her, and if her head is low enough, tries to bite her ears. She doesn't feel any of his bites though and thinks he's playing so pushes him until he chases her around. He's nice if we tell him to be nice, but if he's on the couch, he's at her head hight and will still bark at her if she tries to sniff him.

Hmm, what else? Oh yes, I took my first step to being a professional artist. For those who don't bother to check out my art blog, first, that's cool, whatever ;), but my friend Betty had commisioned me to paint an Alaskan landscape for her and her siblings as a wedding present to their mother. I finished it a few days ago, and just mailed it yesterday. It's going to Juneau, so hopefully it gets there ok, if not I think I'll just cry. I also got a huge piece of debarked diamond willow, so I think I'll try to do some carving on it. But we'll see how that goes.

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