Friday, August 18, 2006

Digging In The Dirt

Jenny spent the other day (Wednesday actually) on a garnet hunting trip with her dad and a friend of his. She had a lot of fun, and came back completely filthy with a bag full of garnets that need to be cleaned/tumbled. I'll let her edit this with any more details later (since I can't even remember exactly where they went), but here's a pic of her stopping to pose while sifting through the grime:

I'm home sick today - I've got some really annoying cold/flu thing. It's just all the normal stuff (achey, stuffy head, runny nose, sneezy, etc.), but I really need the rest anyway, so it was prime time to take the day off. But now my head's all fuzzy from the sick and the dayquil, so I'm mostly just sitting around staring out the window or at the computer screen. Yay productivity!

Tigger's planning on dropping by after she gets off work tonight. She's working jobs through a temp agency right now, and one of them is over in our area, just down the road in fact. Jenny gets off work at 3, so it should turn out to be a nice relaxing evening with the three of us complaining about our respective jobs. :)

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Jenny said...

The place where Dad and his friend Rick and I went garnet hunting is called Freeze Out Ridge. It's South of St. Maries in Idaho. Maybe 2 hours South of CDA. I don't remember exactly how long it took to get out there and back. I tried cleaning one of the big garnets, but the rock on the outside is tough, and I think a grinder might be nessesary.