Monday, August 21, 2006

Odd Morning

I've had a really bad cold/flu thing for the past few days (called in to work on Friday) and I guess I'm still sick. I tried to go into work this morning, since I hate calling in sick anyway, plus Nate starts his vacation today so we're already a man down. But I got there and Marina and Sam sent me home.

I decided to take the bus home instead of calling Jenny to pick me up (seemed a waste of gas, and I didn't want her to come all the way into town just to get me).So when I got off the bus at home there were two bagpipers pacing back and forth in front of the firehouse near by, playing. Not sure what that's all about. Did somebody die? Or retire?

And then as I was walking down the sidewalk to the apartment, a bee fell out of a tree and onto my neck, under my collar. I'm already kinda delirious from being sick + dayquil, and then I hear this buzzing in my ear, and once I realize what it is I'm spinning around like a lunatic slapping myself. Eventually knocked the bee off, not before it stung me, nearly losing my necklace in the process.

I finally stagger home, take some Benadryl for the bee sting, and change my clothes before plopping back in front of the computer. I've never actually been stung by a bee before, so atleast now I know I'm not allergic... But all in all, I think I should have just stayed in bed.

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