Monday, September 18, 2006

Aluta Continua

We got the windshield replaced Saturday morning, but are still going to keep borrowing the Camry from Jenny's folks for the time being. If the person or persons responsible for the smashing are in the neighborhood, I don't want to announce to them that
  1. We fixed the windshield, so they've got something to smash
  2. We got it fixed really quick, so obviously we've got gobs and gobs of cash sitting around that we can throw at car repairs (because we don't)

And, yeah, the insurance did not cover the windshield, so that was $165 out of pocket. And each of the doors is going to be atleast that much (probably more) to fix. Yay.

At this point, my feeling is that we need to go to our landlord and demand a garage, since we do not feel safe leaving our vehicle unattended. And if they can't find one to rent to us ASAP, then we find a house to live in, pack up and leave (after turning in our required notice and what not, 'cause we are not giving up our deposit at this place).

We have the worst time getting to sleep now, because every little noise sounds like someone messing with the truck, and every car pulling into the parking lot could be them coming back to slash our tires or pour sugar in the gas tank.... This is rediculous.

We did go into CDA on Sunday and hung out at Borders for a while, catching up with various peoples. That was a lot of fun, actually. Lucky mentioned the possibility of hiring us (both of us) on for temp/part time holiday work this Christmas season, which would be awesome as long as our schedules worked out, and it was worth the commute, milage/gas wise. Got to talk to Sean about that, post haste....

The CBS fall season starts this week. Tonight is the premiere of How I Met Your Mother, 2 & a Half Men and CSI: Miami. Jenny's at work late tonight, so I'm taping Prisonbreak, 2 & a Half Men, and CSI for her. Oh, and the series premiere of Studio 60 is on NBC at 10 - got to watch that too. Oh, and also, CBS is running re-runs of Scrubs at 7:30, starting with the very first episode tonight. Coolness.

Edit: Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip was excellent! This is definately getting added to my "must see" list for the week (even if I have to tape it since it's on at the same time as CSI: Miami). And as a follow up to something from a few posts back - Stand Off actually turned out to be fairly entertaining. I'll be surprised if it sticks around past this season, but I'll enjoy it while it's on.

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