Monday, September 25, 2006


The side windows on the truck are finally fixed, and it cost us less than $300 for parts + labor + tax (hurrah for small victories). Now we just have to hope that we won't have to get everything fixed again before we're able to get a garage (or give up and move out).

We went out to CdA yesterday - hung out at Borders for a while and did some laundry at Jenny's folks' place. Also found the tattoo shop that Lucky's working at now and hung out with him for a while there before heading home. We'll probably head back there this week sometime, since Jenny needs to get one of her ears re-pierced (one of her lobes closed up).

Talked to the IRS today about our business/tax issues and got some answers on that front. Things are in motion to getting that all cleared up. It'll take a while before it'll all get paid, but it will happen, eventually.

And I found out that WalMart owes me a day's wages for a day of orientation that I went to back before I left Fairbanks and briefly thought about working there. I had completely forgot about that, actually.... Oh well, I'll take the money. :)

While I'm sure there's plenty of other things I meant to write about earlier, that's all I can remember right now. Guess one of us will write more when we think of something. For now, it's off to watch Studio 60!

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